31 Jul 2009

Bread Baking Babes and sukkar bi tahin

Just in time!!!!
No, not the famous management style but really just in time for the Bread Baking Babes challenge of july.
And what a challenge.....................
Natashya from Living in the kitchen with puppies came out with a very original and creative recipe:

Sukka bi tahin

Following the instructions of Natashya I got a nice smooth and pale dough that wasn't very hard to make.
Making the pasta of tahin and sugar meant nothing more than just stirring a few times and giving it a rest.
Flattening the dough and rolling out to nice thin rectangles didn't take much effort or time.
Not ever having smoked or even rolled a joint, it's not my cup of tea to make neat rolls of breaddough but I've managed.
Lien, thank you for the reassurance that it's no problem if the tahinpaste peeps through the dough.
My oven seemed to be too small for three of those big flat UFO's so this part of the job took some more time.
Time for coffee and a cooking magazine.

The result? They turned out wonderful and crisp and just in time (again) for a nice lunch. Being someone who even puts sugar on a peanutbutter sandwich I'like the taste. Thanks Natashya this is a very nice recipe and I loved making it.


Natashya said...

Lovely! They look absolutely perfect, I am so glad you liked them.
Thanks you so much for baking with us!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Not having rolled a joint either, I still think this must roll a little like that.
This look just wonderful.
I just made these again today for a bake sale ;) They are so good.

Lien said...

Die zien er heerlijk uit Marjoke, en gelukkig kan het ook zonder joint-rol-ervaring! Leuk dat je weer met ons meegebakken hebt. (deze late reactie is natuurlijk omdat ik op vakantie was)