18 Nov 2008

Swedish rye crisp

As a loyal follower of the breathtaking adventures of the bread baking babes I felt challenged by their recipe of this month: Rosendals' crisp bread. To prevent crawling back I announced my plan to Grain Doe, who happens to be responsible for this. Instead of making a new starter I used my wheat starter 'Elvis'.

Thanks to Baking Soda and Lien, I knew not to knead to much so I just mixed it carefully with a wooden spoon. The dough was a bit sticky. After a few hours my kitchen looked as if there'd been a snow blister but the result was crisp and tasty.

Oeps, forgot to make the fork holes but just in time to make the last ones with little holes. Just a nice opportunity to give it a scientific approach. I'll let you know (when we've eaten them all) if there was any difference. Thank you Grain Doe for this recipe and this adventure; it was great fun!

When you want to make those swedish crisps, just click on this link.


görel said...

That's a beautiful stack of crisp breads! I'm so glad you enjoyed baking them! And now you officially are a Bread Baking Buddy and thus entitled to add the Buddy badge to your blog -- I'll send you the jpg file in an email shortly.
Thanks again for baking with us!

Lien said...

Fantastisch Marjoke, ook zonder dat gaten prikken zien ze er erg mooi uit! Heel leuk dat iemand uit Nederland met ons meebakt, misschien tot de volgende keer!
Leuk om zo ook je blok te ontdekken, ik zal je in mijn reader zetten!

Baking Soda said...

Hoi Marjoke! Ze zien er echt heel erg goed uit, erg crispy!
Enne, ben het eens met Lien, leuk je zo te ontmoeten.

breadchick said...

I think those are just about perfect looking. Way to go!

Thanks for joining us this month.