11 Feb 2009

This is it

This has to be the ultimate chocolate cake ever.

From the very first moment I saw Lynn's recipe of this chocolate cake, I just knew I had to make it.

Last weekend, with all the ingredients available, I'd planned baking this promising cake.

I was so confinced having both the acquired round cake pans. OK, you've guessed it already. The chocolate was chopped, the butter and eggs were at roomtemperature and at the same moment there seemed to be only one cake pan.

Lucky for me, our youngest was just near the shops. A quick mobile call and a few minor instructions later, I expected him back any moment. Well, moments became hours and he came back with a very expensive square cake pan.

Still longing to bake this cake I choose a bigger round cake pan and used almost all the batter at once. Instead of 30 minutes, the baking took about 50 minutes and I feared for a dry pancake flat cake.
How wrong was I. The surface of the cake looked a bit like the craters of the moon but the cake was light and had the perfect chocolate taste. The frosting was nice to work with and made it just perfect.

My two men in the house loved it and I think this will be their favourite chocolate cake ever. Thanks Lynn!!

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