5 Aug 2009

Potato pesto pie

Sometimes the spontanious ideas for recipes are the best. It's the same with this pie. The mille-feuille dough was bought without any specific aim: just in case of. Maybe as a base for a nice pie with fresh fruit or to be filled with fresh salmon, dille and creme fraiche.

A left over of Opperdoezen (a very special kind and protected dutch potato) and a recipe of a gourmet magazine made me decide something else; a pesto potato pie.

mille-feuille dough, one sheet ready-rolled
goat cheese, crumbled, 100 gr.
peppadews, just a few
pesto verde, two tablespoons
cooked and thinly slices potatoes, 400 gr.
basil leaves
1 egg, beaten
italian herbs

Heat the oven to 180 dgr. C. (356 dgr. F.).

Take the dough and fold the edges to make a border. Spread a thin layer of pesto over the base (not the edges).
Cover it with the slices potato and peppadews.
Spread the crumbled goatcheese over it and season with italian herbs.
Glaze the borders and the potatoes carefully with the egg.

Bake 25- 30 minutes in the oven until golden and crisp. Sprinkle a few basil leaves over it and serve the pie with a nice green salad.

(from Olive; august 2008)


Lien said...

I love dishes made from just the things you happen to have... I cook like that most of the time I'm afraid.
Bought some opperdoezen too, I hate all those 'eyes' because of their rediculious shapes! Not my favorite potato.

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Ho now I say this one is genius! Genius puts seemingly unrelated together and comes up with a wonderful dinner.

Lien said...

Ja daar ben ik nog een keer... nu om je een award te geven. Ik geniet elke keer van je blog!


Marjoke said...

Dat is nog eens een leuke thuiskomst na je vakantie: een award krijgen van een zeer gerespecteerde collega blogger!
Dank je wel Lien, ik ga zeker mijn best doen om deze award waard te blijven.
Zodra de ergste vakantierommel weer is opgeruimd, zal ik een bericht plaatsen.
Kan ik mooi nog even nadenken over de volgende award winners.