3 Dec 2008

Cranberry Sauce

Years ago, with Christmas, I wanted to taste cranberries for the first time. So I made cranberry sauce and served it with meat. I can't remember the meat but I do remember the cranberry sauce as an unpleasant taste. Disappointed by that result, I wasn't very keen on trying it another time. How wrong and short minded!

Reading so many different weblogs and their recipes, I couldn't escape from the thought that a lot of you webloggers very much like cranberries and that there is a great variety of wonderful recipes.

A bit curious I decided to start with making cranberry sauce again. This time it tasted just as sour as I like and I was impressed by the warm ruby red color. Feeling more daring by this experience the next step was making this cranberry crumble coffeecake. The perfect opportunity for using my home made cranberry sauce.

Well, it worked out very well and the somewhat sour taste is just lovely in sweet cakes.

Cranberry sauce
3 cups cranberries
1 cup sugar
zest of one orange
1 cup water

Wash and rinse the cranberries. Put the water and the sugar in a pan and bring it to boiling point. Wait till the sugar dissolves and add the orange zest and cranberries. Bring it again to the boiling point and stir. When you hear little plops, the cranberries are opening and the pectine comes out. The pectine thickens the sauce and when you let is simmer for just 10 minutes, you get a nice red thick sauce. Put it in a bowl and let it cool completely at room temperature and chill it in the fridge.

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