31 Dec 2008

A fresh start

I've always loved the idea of starting something new; a new job (I did that many times), a new house or even a new recipe. Making new plans. For me, it always goes together with a feeling of excitement, expectations. How will it be this time?

A new beginning, a fresh start. Doesn't that sound very nice and positive?

This state of mind doesn't leave much room to look back, to considerate. Maybe that's why I don't like the programs in which you look back on the last year. No,I rather look forward and make new plans. Plans for spending more time with my beloved ones and of course; baking more bread and posting more recipes on my weblog.

But first I want to wish all you bloggers and your beloved ones a very happy and healthy 2009!

And when you're wondering what the text on my plate is? It's my new motto!

1 comment:

Lien said...

I wish you a fantastic 2009 with lots of love, health and great posting on you blog.
I love love love your plate, this sounds promising for the new year to come!!! Hugs