25 Jan 2009

The Croissants Cronicles part 2

Day 2

The croissants have been in the fridge for a whole night and I don't see much difference in size. I'm afraid that means we have to wait a little longer before I can put them in the oven.

After an hour in the warm kitchen they've risen (still not doubled) and they deserve a second coating with egg before being baked. In the mean time I've preheated the oven at 390 dgr. F. (200 dgr. C.).

After 15 minutes the croissants look beautifull golden brown and the house smells delicious. The taste; buttery and very nice. The texture: flaky but still a tiny bit doughy on the inside.

Maybe we've been to impatient or the temperature of the oven was to high. There is still one tray left so I'll take another chance later and let you know if there's any difference.
And now, after all those croissants, it's time for a long stroll with the dog.


katiez said...

They look lovely... and it's the taste (and smell) that's important!
Cute doggie!

natalia said...

Ciao ! Their colour is great I wish mine had brown so nicely !

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Oh my very lovely.
I walked between the folds ;)